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Disabled residents enjoy group wedding, supporting activities

Industry News 2017.06.19

Witnessed by friends and relatives, five disabled couples got married at Shenzhen Fukang Center in Futian on March 19.

The "I want to have a home" dating activity for disabled people was also held at the same time.

"There are difficulties for people with disabilities in marriage, namely conflict between livelihood and marriage, the lack of social and romantic communication and psychological barriers toward love," said Su Liping, director of Xinzhihai Psychological Aid Service Center, which is one of the organizers of the event.

Su pointed out that "disabled people should not rely too much on their partner in a relationship. They should be more independent and equal to ensure a sustainable relationship".

Futian district has hosted several activities to help disabled people recently.

On the morning of March 17, the 2017 Futian Disabled Persons Federation public welfare school was launched, offering free courses on literature and skills training for disabled people.

Since the initiation of the school in 2015, it has altogether offered more than 500 courses. This year, the courses include flower arrangement, painting, vocal music, sports, spoken English and sign language training.

Shenzhen Daily provided the story.