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Walking and Mobility Aids

Wheelchairs / mobility scooters / walking aids / crutches / exoskeletons / Welcabs / accessories

Prostheses and Orthose:

Prostheses / Limb Orthoses / Spine and Joint Orthoses / Prosthetic Accessories / Orthopedic Footwear and Insoles

Rehabilitation and Cure Facilities:

Excercise therapy/Gait Training/Hydrotherapy Installations/Phototherapy System/Occupational Therapy / Electrical , Muscle and Nerve Stimulators/Cognitive therapy/Massage Equipment

Aids for Children:

Rehabilitation therapy systems for children / wheelchairs for children / child care beds and mattresses / baby crawling aids / child seats, cushions and accessories

Nursing Aids & Medical Aids:

Anti-bedsore Products / Aids for Carrying / Nursing Beds/ Medication Aids /Urinary Incontinence Aids / Compression Stockings and Related Products


Aids for Visually Impaired and Blind persons / Aids for Hearing Impaired Persons / Aids for Speaking and Speech Impaired Persons / Telecommunication Aids / Computer and Aids for Using Computers / Entertainment Electronics

Aids for Personal Care and Protection:

Eating and Bathing Aids / Aids for Dressing and Undressing / Body Protection Aids / Fall Prevention Products / Footwear / Clothes

Barrier Free & Elderly Care:

Furniture&Bathroom Facilities / Design Planning /Elevators& Lifts / Emergency Rescue Services /Management Systems / Smart Home / Health Products