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Themed Pavilions

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  • Rehabilitation pavilion
    Rehabilitation pavilion

    Medical treatment, rehabilitation equipment, rehabilitation and nursing supplies, rehabilitation nursing and medical health services

  • Protheses and orthoses pavilion
    Protheses and orthoses pavilion

    It covers all kinds of assistive devices, prosthetics, orthosis and other products as well as assistive services. Aiming at the diversified and multi-level needs, the most suitable products and solutions are allocated to the disabled to help them improve their functional status and enhance their ability to live independently in an all-round way.

  • Barrier-Free Pavilion
    Barrier-Free Pavilion

    In this pavilion you will see Vehicles for the disabled, Ramps and handrails, Elevators and lifting platforms, Warning signs and devices, Design and planning

  • Featured Area
    Featured Area

    Rehabilitation Zone for Communication Disorders(Hearing Speech Psychology), Elderly care and rehabilitation pavilion, Visual Aids pavilion, Assistive devices fittings pavilion, International pavilion