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Urumqi government supports disabled locals

Industry News 2017.05.22

The Urumqi government has handed out 23.2 million yuan ($3.36 million) in subsidies to support 16,400 local disabled people, according to the Urumqi Civil Affairs Bureau on May 9.

The local government implemented a policy to help disabled residents with severe financial difficulties to live a better life. Disabled people who are covered by the minimum livelihood guarantee and those in need of long term care can receive support of 100 yuan per month.

As of April 30, a fund of 10.93 million yuan has been allotted to subsidize 8,180 disabled people for improving their living conditions. Another 12.27 million yuan has been allocated to provide better care for 8,220 people with severe disabilities. Authorities said that the Urumqi Civil Affairs Bureau has cooperated with the local financial department and the disabled person’s federation to distribute money to disabled people since Dec 2016.