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Embark on a New Journey with New Business Opportunities丨CR Expo 2021 Wound up with Success

Press Release 2021.11.02


Beijing, October 17--The Care & Rehabilitation Expo China (CR EXPO) 2021 was successfully concluded at the China National Convention Center! The CR Expo 2022 is slated for September 15-17, 2022!


This year marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and the inaugural year of China’s 14th Five-Year Plan. Following the theme of “Rehabilitation Creates a Better Life”, the CR Expo pooled all resources available together for upgrading and focused on policies and market requirements. Taking a new attitude, the three-day exhibition depicted a “big picture” of the industry of rehabilitation and assistive aids;

Spanning 25,000m2, the exhibition is a level playing field for around 200 enterprises from 12 countries/regions. Concurrent with the three-day exhibition are 25 events in the presence of nearly 30,000 professional visitors.


The Exhibition of Development Achievements of the Undertakings of Assistive Aids for the Disabled during the Period of the “13th Five-Year Plan” came under the spotlight in particular, enchanting visitors to stop and take a closer look. Diverse enterprises, national or international, rolled out their new technologies, products and applications in rehabilitation and assistive aids during the CR Expo. Besides, concurrent forums were in full swing. Experts, scholars and insiders nationwide co-presented this feast of the industry incorporating product exhibition, matchmaking, conferencing, and industry-university-research exchange.


Exhibition & matchmaking丨rich harvest for trade and commerce


The CR Expo 2021 features diversity of exhibits in areas for assistive aids, mobility aids, prostheses & orthoses, barrier-free facilities, rehabilitation, information communication and so on with respective highlights, which accommodate all manner of scenarios for life, study, employment, culture & entertainment of the disabled and the elderly. All exhibition areas, booths and experience areas received a continuous stream of visitors, indicating animated vibes for business negotiation and matchmaking.



Yao Xiuping, GM of Acosound Technology, said:

CR Expo is a confluence of all sorts of quality resources. As far as I’m concerned, it is a must-participate exhibition for all in the rehabilitation industry. As a regular exhibitor of the expo, we (Acosound Technology) annually receive many hearing impairment users, institutional or individual. We will continue to stand for the expo!


Huang Heyuan, Co-founder of HeyGears, said in an interview:

We (HeyGears) are a first-time CR Expo exhibitor this year. At the expo, surprisingly better-than-ever results were yielded. Among mountains of insiders in quest for 3D-print tech support are partners we acquainted with during the expo. To utmost satisfaction, they furnish us with piles of ingenious products. The CR Expo acts as the “beacon” and “trendsetter” of the industry.


Ji Ying, Associate Director of Strategic Planning of PKU Healthcare, said:

CR Expo reopened its offline exhibition after two years of suspension. Engaging all players in the assistive aid industry chain including the government, enterprises, universities, research institutions and consumers, this open platform granted us an opportunity for negotiation and cooperation and delivered great benefits to us all. On top of that, the CR Expo 2021 also features many enlightening forums convening industry experts to shed light on the future of the industry. We believe the expo will become more successful!



Procurement & negotiation丨rewarding visit


Built on fourteen years of steady progress and strenuous effort on market development, the CR Expo 2021 was attended by 30,000 professional visitors from the system of the Disabled Persons' Federation, system of civil affairs, rehabilitation and medical care institutions, special education schools, guilds, elderly care & healthcare and other fields concerned, wherein those from the system of civil affairs, medical institutions and elderly care establishments saw a surge in the percentage of visitor population.


Professional visitors included: all provincial/municipal/district disabled persons’ federations, assistive aids and rehabilitation centers, rehabilitation and medical care institutions, traders & dealers, elderly care establishments, other government agencies, etc. Of over 100 professional visitors, those from primary disabled persons’ federations sharply increased, implying demand for procurement.

Professional visitors included: all provincial/municipal/district disabled persons’ federations, assistive aids and rehabilitation centers, rehabilitation and medical care institutions, traders & dealers, elderly care establishments, other government agencies, etc. Of over 100 professional visitors, those from primary disabled persons’ federations sharply increased, implying demand for procurement.



Xu Minghui, Head of Hubei Provincial Center for Assistive Aids for the Disabled, noted:

Ascribing great importance to the expo, we (Hubei Center for Assistive Aids) organized around 250 disabled workers to visit the expo. New products exhibited at the expo have impressed us, many of which are developed by domestic manufacturers. And through communication with enterprises and peers, we have broadened our horizon and anticipated deeper cooperation in the future.


Liu Bin, GM of Zhengben (Liaoning) Disability and Rehabilitation Services Co., Ltd., said:

Our visit (to the expo) is intended to look for new products in elderly care and rehabilitation and relevant suppliers and partners, setting the stage for implementation of new projects regarding rehabilitation hospitals, elderly care establishments, medical device vendors and so on. Actually at the expo we reached out to some enterprises. Now we are deliberating on details of cooperation.


Li Xiyue, Professor of Center for Beijing Aging Brain Rejuvenation Initiative (BABRI), commended:

It was a well-organized expo. Exhibits were appropriately classified and arranged in corresponding exhibition areas, facilitating visiting and procurement. In light of diversity of exhibitors and new products thereof, it was an unmissable expo!



Communication & discussion丨seminars packed with attendees


Under great support of industry experts, guilds, government agencies and enterprises, the CR Expo 2021 also features 25 concurrent events provoking rounds of talks on the industry. Themed around “better rehabilitation service quality”, “faster development of rehabilitation and assistive aids-related services” and “further barrier-free environment construction”, topics incorporate a plurality of fields including technology & innovation, healthcare, prostheses, hearing, vision, children’s rehabilitation, elderly care and so on. Seminars of such rich substance offered essential information regarding rehabilitation device market and engaged attendees in simple but profound communication with industry experts, giving them a glimpse into orientation of industrial development.



Yu Hongliu, Professor of University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, remarked:

The first Seminar on Advanced Prostheses Technology and Industry Development was of a sizable scale, attributable to the Organizing Committee with rewarding effort on communication of the event via online/offline channels. Professional visitors flooded the seminar, witnessing utmost exchange of great minds from industries, universities and research institutions. It’s a well-received event beyond doubt. May it sustain and expand next year!


Li Guanglin, Researcher of Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, said:

I was impressed by many tech breakthroughs made in China’s rehabilitation industry at the expo earlier today--the latest intelligent prostheses, rehabilitation robots and rehabilitation systems, to name a few. Complementary to the expo were seminars involving experts and scholars in scientific research, technology and industry who sought for ways for effectively elevating technical applications in our rehabilitation industry to a higher level in all respects. The CR Expo, so to speak, has played a conducive part in spurring up growth of the rehabilitation undertakings.


Zhou Yanmin, Professor of School of Architecture, Tsinghua University, said:

The CR Expo 2021 saw unprecedented diversity and novelty of barrier-free facilities and elder-oriented products exhibited. After visiting booths and experiencing products thereof, it seems to me that many domestic manufacturers are taking bold moves in technology and innovation. May more users, families and enterprises appreciate tech-based favorable changes in life at the expo.



Communication & influence丨professional media coverage


The CR Expo was lately spotlighted after CCTV/CNR/CCTV.com, Xinhua News Agency/Xinhua Net, China News Service, People’s Daily/People.cn, China Daily, Economic Daily, Science and Technology Daily, CPPCC Daily, China Times, China Youth Daily/Youth.cn, Tencent, NetEase, Sohu Video and other media delivered featured stories on the event one after another. Display of top-of-the-line technologies, interaction of creative ideas, intense collision of views...media captured all brilliant moments of the expo from multiple perspectives.






Upon the conclusion of the CR Expo 2021, more will await us in the near future. The CR Expo will continue to cleave the waves and sail forward with all in the industry of rehabilitation and assistive aids! Let’s meet again at the CR Expo 2022 dated September 15-17, 2022 at the China National Convention Center!