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2019 Activities

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2019 Seminar on the Development and Application of Teaching Aids and Teaching Quality Improvement in Schools for the Mentally Handicapped Oct.10  Grand Hanquet Hall, InterContinental Beijing Beichen
Workshop on Sitting Posture Orthotics and Wheelchair Adaptation Oct.10 Events
Seminar 2019: Fitting Assistive Devices for Children  with Cerebral Palsy——A Total Solution Oct.10 E231
Community Rehabilitation Services and Capacity Building for Mental Disorders Forum Oct.10  E236B
The 10th International Low Vision Rehabilitation Forum Oct.11 E232A+B
ATscale Workshop: Reflecting on 2019 and Moving into 2020 Oct.11 E237
New Product and Technology Launch Oct.11 E231
2019 Prosthetic Innovation and Service Development Forum -- Procurement Policy Exchanges Oct.11 E236A+B
Project Launch Ceremony of JD Health and Disabled Persons’ Federation & JD Health and Welfare Exhibition and Investment Promotion and Exchange Meeting Oct.11 Events
First Forum on Rehabilitation Industry & Vocational Education Oct.11 E231
The 9th International Forum on Innovation and Development of Assistive Technology Oct.11 E236A+B
The 2nd Beijing Educational Rehabilitation Summit Forum Oct.11 Events
The Great Journey of China Rehabilitation (Beijing):Operation, Management and Technology Oct.12 Events
Seminar on Construction of Rehabilitation Departments in Second-class Hospitals Oct.12 E236A+B
The Great Journey of China Rehabilitation (Beijing):Training Sessions Oct.12 E231