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The largest exhibition in China for care and rehabilitation industry and the unique fair hosted by the responsible government authority - China Disabled Persons’ Federation.
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As an important part of The Belt and Road High-level Event on Disability Cooperation, CR Expo will hold concurrently with a series of high-end conferences, focusing on all fronts such as assistive device adaptation, technical seminars, vision rehabilitation, education rehabilitation, rehabilitation specialty construction, etc.
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Zhou Guofeng

General Manager of Permobil Trading(Kunshan)Co.,Ltd.


“CR Expo is the most important exhibition in China’s rehabilitation sector. Our manufacturers would showcase the best products and solutions here every year. Professional audiences and users such as disabled persons' federations also come here to find the most suitable products. Therefore, it is not to be missed. ”

Sergei Gribanov

President of KRUST


“Every year, we would import a large number of rehabilitation equipment from China. At this session, we see many new products at the booths of AOOMAN, Rejoin, etc. We find a lot of pretty good products and are ready to discuss procurement.In addition, we exchanges ideas with some of our long-term partners. ”

Hu Xiaobao

Director of Procurement and Sales of Ruisen Medical Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


“Our company strives to develop the Asia Pacific market this year, so we have expanded exhibition area at this session. The fruitful results have confirmed the correctness of this decision.Users from all over the country visited our booths for introduction of exhibits and professional advice from physiotherapists. Many dealers also discussed cooperation with us.”

Ma Luyi

General Manager of Medical Devices Department of Jingdong Health


“CR Expo is a very professional and leading platform in assistive devices for rehabilitation. We hope to launch new products at JD.com in the future, so as to provide more service channels for the disabled. We will come again next year! ”

Christopher Loan

Commercial attache and the first secretary of Embassy of Canada to China


“This session Canadian companies come here together for the bright prospect of China’s assistive devices market and the authority of the expo. We hope to take this opportunity to expand deeper cooperation in assistive devices between China and Canada. The Forum on China-Canada Cooperation in Assistive Devices convened during the same period is also of great significance, which promotes exchanges and docking between companies of both countries.”

Antonenka Mikhail

Vice-Chairman of the Belarusian Association of Visually Impaired People


“As a governmental organization, we come here for products for the visually impaired. We have already realized the cooperation intention with one Korean company at the CR Expo. Apart from the assistive devices for the blind, we also experienced the assistive devices for different disabled groups with rich categories. We hope that the organizing committee will introduce more quality companies.”

Ke Youlun

Vice president of FREE Bionics Taiwan Inc.


“As a Taiwan company, it is the first time that we participate in the largest rehabilitation and care expo in mainland. The site is filled with audiences, and the results is great. Our products are popular at the expo and win the awards of products innovation contest, which strengthens our confidence in going global.”

Liu Jinsong

Director of Prosthetic and Orthopedic Department of Beijing Bo’ai Hospital & China Rehabilitation Research Center


“The wheelchair adaptation workshop jointly held by us and other companies is very good. Many professional and practical knowledge were shared and demonstrated to help peers and practitioners better provide auxiliary equipment adaptation services and achieved good publicity effects.”
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