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Welcome to China's largest care and rehabilitation expo with 50,000 visitors


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Why attend the CR expo?

Hosted by the China Disabled Persons' Federation, Care & Rehabilitation Expo China (“CR Expo”) has been successfully held for 12 sessions.. It is the only national ministry-level disabled assistive appliance fair and the largest welfare and rehabilitation fair in China. The exhibition will bring together new technologies and new applications in the global rehabilitation, assistive, pension and health industries, leading the future development of the industry and helping enterprises to explore unlimited business opportunities.

China's biggest care & rehabilitation expo
  • 25,000 m2

    Exhibition Area

  • 350


  • 50,000



  • Authoritative Platform, the Only National Professional Exhibition

    Hosted by China Disabled Persons' Federation and over 12 years of development, CR Expo has grown into the largest professional and internationalized exhibition of assistive advices industry in China.【organizational framework】

  • Efficient Matchmaking Connecting the Entire Industrial Chain

    Professional visitors from the disabled persons’ federations, medical and health industry as well as elderly care industry are invited for visiting, negotiation and purchasing to help all participants find new supplies and demands and reach efficient cooperation.

  • Specialized Stage Gathering Leading Brands of the World

    Attracting leading brands of 22 countries and regions, CR Expo is a place to showcase new technologies, applications, groundbreaking scientific results and solutions with international exhibitors taking up 30% of its total exhibitors.

  • Multiple Occasions for Communication and Knowledge of Frontiers

    Concurrently taking place with the exhibition are international conferences, matchmaking meetings, promotion conferences, press releases for new products and technologies and other special forums which will bring together influential experts and elites of the industry to facilitate participants achieve successful communication and cooperation.【Preview events】

  • Intensive and effective media coverage

    Xinhua News Agency, People's Daily, CCTV, China National Radio, China News Service, China Disabled Persons Magazine, China Hearing and Speech Rehabilitation Science Magazine and other inflential media would join us to provide exhibitors with promotion services.

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Visiting purpose

Find and purchase new products, get the latest product technical information and solutions

Face-to-face communication with exhibitors to achieve precise cooperation and docking

Communicate with industry business partners to establish a business network

The gathering of academic conferences is the learning and exchange event of the latest theoretical achievements and experience and technology in the field of rehabilitation and assistive equipment.

Listen to the well-known experts and industry leaders in the fields of rehabilitation, assistive devices and old-age care, talk about the development of the industry and answer your questions.

Participating in practical exercises and competitions is ideal for improving your skills and improving your practice success rate.

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group buyers enjoy the rights and save time and efficient procurement

For groups of 10 or more buyers, group members can enjoy the following exclusive privileges:

Use the special registration counter of the buyer group to quickly obtain evidence

A copy of the exhibition brochure and gift (worth RMB 100 / copy)

Free group photo shoot

Special exhibition introduction

Tailor-made itinerary (contact the organizer for details)

Groups of more than 35 people can apply for vehicle transfer (contact the organizer for details)

Fourth, the audience comment

Wang Xingling

Wang Xingling

“Compared with the past, the exhibits are more abundant and the technology content is higher. The number of professional visitors is obviously improved, especially in the auxiliary equipment service industry. At the same time, the procurement fair has laid a good foundation for the update of our central product catalogue. ”

——Wang Xingling, deputy director of Jiangsu Provincial Disabled Aids Service Center

Lv Yanke

Lv Yanke

“This time, there is a very obvious feeling that the high-tech products related to bionic technology, intelligent and wearable devices are much more than in previous years, and there are many high-end brands of nursing beds. This is the most urgent for our comprehensive service center. Need, after the visit, I feel that I am getting a lot of money."

——Lv Yanke, Shenzhen Disabled Persons Comprehensive Service Center

Luo Zide

Luo Zide

“The first time I came to this exhibition, I just wanted to purchase some rehabilitation equipment. The exhibition was very professional, the types of rehabilitation equipment and the brand were complete, and our needs were basically met. What surprised me was the smart wearable technology on display. And the service robot, Fushun Exhibition not only allows us to see the big and beautiful high-tech, but also has small and fine fitting products, which makes me full of rewards."

——Luo Zide, General Manager of Lake Nordic Mule Trading Co., Ltd.

Liu Ziqiang

Liu Ziqiang

“The current demand for products and services for the elderly and elderly disabled people is more urgent. The number of exhibitors at the Welfare Expo is high and the quality is high, which has helped us narrow down the scope of screening and greatly improve procurement efficiency.”

——Liu Ziqiang, Secretary General of China Aging Development Foundation

Vladimir Cuk

Vladimir Cuk

The International Disability Alliance is committed to helping the world's people with disabilities, and China has always played a pivotal role. I was deeply impressed by the scale of the event and the wide range of participating groups. I hope that there will be more such activities in the future, which will strengthen communication and mutual learning between us, and look forward to more opportunities for cooperation in the future.

——Executive Director of the International Disability Alliance Vladimir Cuk

Chapal Khasnabis

Chapal Khasnabis

Every time I come to China, I can see more new products, more technological advances, more solutions, and every time I can learn new things. All of this brings hope, people will have more choices, and products will be more in line with individual needs. I hope to see more international colors. This benign interaction will lead to better solutions and share different experiences. The future of the Expo will develop even better.

——Chapal Khasnabis, Senior Technical Officer, World Health Organization