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Care & Rehabilitation Expo China to be held in October

Press Release 2017.03.22

Co-hosted by China Disabled Persons' Federation and China National Committee on Ageing, Care & Rehabilitation Expo China (“the Expo”) is a large exhibition for public welfare that showcases advanced business concepts and models from health and elderly care industry in both China and foreign countries, exhibits assistive devices for elderly care and rehabilitation, publicizes healthy lifestyles, sets up a platform for senior housing and financial services, promotes exchanges on healthy and elderly care cultural products, and presents the achievements both home and abroad in guiding the elderly to use drugs safely. As a grand show of the highest level, largest scale and strongest influence in the healthy and elderly care assistive device industry, the Expo has been successfully held for 9 sessions, and it has become one of the most influential exhibitions of the same type in the world.

Over the past 10 years, relevant government departments have attached high importance to the Expo, and the Party and state leaders as well as the leaders from relevant departments have visited the Expo and made important instructions on many occasions. Meanwhile, the Expo has drawn the attention of all circles in the society, with extensive coverage from various angles by the central government and relevant news media agencies. Departments of different levels and organizations and units of different types have taken active part in the Expo to fully show and spread the achievements of our country in elderly care undertakings and work for the disabled as well as the fruits of innovation in health care, elderly care and rehabilitation both in China and in other foreign countries, hence building the best bridge for connection, communication and exchange of information within the industry.