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Care & Rehabilitation Expo China 2019, the largest exhibition of its kind in China is going to kick off from October 10th to 12th, 2019, at China National Convention Center. The coming session of CR Expo covers an area of 25,000m , bringing together 350 well-known exhibitors from 22 countries and regions who will display the world's latest technologies, applications, and solutions in the field of rehabilitation, assistive devices and elderly care. During the Expo, over 30 high-level conferences and activities will be held concurrently to help participants achieve fruitful communication and cooperation.


Find your Business Partner in CR EXPO 2019

Manufacturers and trading companies dealing the following technologies

Rehabilitation & Assistive Devices

Electronic equipment for communication and careing purposes, Wearable robots, Health management system

Smart Technology

Design and planning, Ramps and handrails , Elevators lifting platforms, Warning signs and devices , Vehicles for the disabled


Elderly care, hearing, vision, assistive device fittings and other sub-fields of care and rehabilitation.m

Featured Products

Elderly care, hearing, vision, assistive device fittings and other sub-fields of care and rehabilitation.


  • Authoritative Platform, the Only National Professional Exhibition

    Hosted by China Disabled Persons' Federation and over 12 years of development, CR Expo has grown into the largest professional and internationalized exhibition of assistive advices industry in China.【Organizational Framework】

  • Efficient Matchmaking Connecting the Entire Industrial Chain

    Professional visitors from the disabled persons’ federations, medical and health industry as well as elderly care industry are invited for visiting, negotiation and purchasing to help all participants find new supplies and demands and reach efficient cooperation.

  • Specialized Stage Gathering Leading Brands of the World

    Attracting leading brands of 22 countries and regions, CR Expo is a place to showcase new technologies, applications, groundbreaking scientific results and solutions with international exhibitors taking up 30% of its total exhibitors.

  • Multiple Occasions for Communication and Knowledge of Frontiers

    Concurrently taking place with the exhibition are international conferences, matchmaking meetings, promotion conferences, press releases for new products and technologies and other special forums which will bring together influential experts and elites of the industry to facilitate participants achieve successful communication and cooperation.【Preview events】

  • Intensive Media parterners

    Xinhua News Agency, People's Daily, CCTV, China National Radio, China News Service, China Disabled Persons Magazine, China Hearing and Speech Rehabilitation Science Magazine and other inflential media would join us to provide exhibitors with promotion services.  

    (part of media partners)


● Governmental agencies

● Institutions of assistive technology adaptation

● Rehabilitation institutions

● Medical institutions

● Elderly care establishments

● Real estates developers & property management companies

● Manufacturing & trading companies

● Institutional investors

● Research institutions, colleges & universities

● Social organizations, NGO

● Disabled persons, elderly persons and their relatives

Concurrent Events

Concurrent Events

●  The 8th International Forum on Fitting and Innovation of Assistive Devices
●  The 9th International Forum on Low Vision
●  China-Canada Assistive Devices Forum
●  Forum on Applying Assistive Devices in Elderly Care Establishments
●  CR Expo 2018 Procurement Conference
●  CR Expo 2018 New Products and Technologies Conference

Top Exhibitors(part)

Well-renowned for its achievements and forward-looking ideas, CR Expo has become a must-go event for business insiders who want to grasp industrial trends, market directions and seek for commerce and trade cooperation.

Top Exhibitors

Comments from Exhibitors

Liu Qing

Liu Qing

“The scale of this Expo is enlarged, and the standard is improved to a higher level. There are more professional visitors from the Disabled Persons’ Federations, medical, health care and rehabilitation institutions than previous years. This is my experience as an exhibitor for 10 years.”

——Liu Qing,  CMO of Changzhou Qianjiang Rehabilitation Corp., Limited

Lu Yanqing

Lu Yanqing

“As an internationally recognized audiphones brand, Starkey deems that China has a promising market. The Care & Rehabilitation Expo provides an important platform for the developing of Chinese market and brand promotion.”

——Lu Yanqing, Marketing Manager of Starkey Hearing Technologies (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

Zhao Jianrong

Zhao Jianrong

“As a time-honored company of assistive devices, we can promote our new products and latest development to our dealers and agents through the Expo so as to enhance our cooperation. We also meet many end users of our products. By face-to-face communication, we are able to improve our products to meet individual demands and create more comfortable experience. The exhibition result is quite satisfactory.”

——Zhao Jianrong, Deputy General Manager of Foshan Dongfang Medical Equipment Manufactory Ltd.

Tan Chaokang

Tan Chaokang

“The Expo of this year is very popular. During the Expo, we meet numerous professional visitors from the Disabled Persons’ Federations, civil affair administrations, medical, health care and rehabilitation institutions, and special education schools. Our products get good promotion and we’ve done really well.”

——Tan Chaokang, General Manager of Beijing Guohongkang Medical Electronic Instruments Co., Ltd.

Liang Wei

Liang Wei

“There are a huge number of people with hearing impairment. In the past, our products were mainly used by children, but with people aging, the potential market demand of the elderly people is huge. We exhibit our latest products and promote new rehabilitation idea. Also we have combined the power of government, industry, research and development institutions, and consumers, promoting greatly the development of the industry.”

——Liang Wei, Deputy Director of China Rehabilitation Research Center for Hearing and Speech Impairment

Gao Yinghua

Gao Yinghua

““We have met many people from the Disabled People’s Federations across China, therapists from rehabilitation hospitals and purchasing personnel. Through further communication and product experience, Fourier becomes more popular in the North of China. We will continue to participate at the exhibition next year and expand our booth.””

——Gao Yinghua,   Shanghai Fourier Intelligence Co., Ltd.